Da Vinci's work revealed the exact date of the end of the world hidden in a clever puzzle

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Da Vinci probably knew how the world would end

The famous Italian artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci probably once calculated the date of the end of the world and hid clues about it in his famous "Last Supper" fresco. Although it sounds like one of Dan Brown's novels, the author of The Da Vinci Code, researchers are convinced that it is quite serious.

The unraveling date puzzle was able to be solved by Vatican researcher Sabrina Sforza Galizia. As writes IFLscience, she is convinced that the Da Vinci code does exist, but it is not the same as in Dan Brown's books.

The researcher said that she found fragments of a mathematical and astrological puzzle on the famous fresco and over time she was able to unravel them.

Part of the puzzle is the window that is behind Jesus Christ, who is the central person of the fresco. The other part was found not thanks to the picture itself, but to the tapestry "The Last Supper", which was made according to sketches of the Italian master and presented to Louis XIII of France.


''Da Vinci's The Last Supper


Galicia believes that Da Vinci predicted that the end of the world would begin on March 21, 4006, but concealed his message to protect himself from wrath.

The fresco also contains a coded message describing the end of the world, but no one has yet been able to unravel it. But Galicia is convinced that its calculated date is accurate. The only reason to be skeptical of the researcher's claim is that she provides too few details about the puzzles she has solved.

However, Da Vinci probably did have some inkling of when the world would end and what it would be like. Thus, towards the end of his life, he painted a number of scenes of cataclysmic events in a series known as Visions of the End of the World.

The paintings depict fire falling from the sky and boiling seas, while the accompanying notes refer to the appearance of clouds.

As Britannica writes, in these sketches Leonardo's power of imagination reached its highest level.

"He depicted the structure of the world splitting apart, but even in its destruction - as the terribly "beautiful" forms of the liberated elements show - the same laws of order, harmony and proportion that reigned at the creation of the world are at work. These unprecedented "visions" are the last and original expression of Leonardo's art, "- writes the encyclopedia.

There is speculation that the drawings depict events from Da Vinci's time, such as storms and earthquakes. However, historians have not found any coincidence in the dates.

Leonardo himself, in his notes to the Flood drawing, made it clear that these were apocalyptic scenes.

''Leonardo da Vinci's The Flood

"Let the dark and overcast air be seen, stirred by gusts of oncoming winds, thick with incessant rain mixed with hail and carrying here and there an endless number of branches torn from the trees and mixed with countless leaves," his notes say.

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