"Cursed place" found on Earth: whales are dying en masse there

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Massive whale die-off recorded off US coast

Scientists raise the alarm - the planet's biodiversity is under threat. Global extinction is already happening - climate change and other human impacts continue to have a devastating effect on nature.

Recently, researchers have discovered a "cursed place" on the east coast of America, where a catastrophic rate of whale deaths has been recorded. The details are reported by Iflscience.

The phenomenon that has been taking place on the US coast since 2016 is extremely tragic and sad. Dead whales are stranded on the beaches of the entire east coast.

Alarming reports are coming from a large area along the state of Maine and reaching Florida. Whale mortality rates are very high. According to scientists, 36 dead whales have washed ashore in New York over the past seven years, and 35 in Massachusetts. Reports of mass whale deaths come from 13 states. A total of 191 dead whales were found on the East Coast.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared it an "extraordinary deadly event requiring an immediate response". Naturally, many versions of the whale extinction were put forward.


When they performed autopsies on about 90 whales, they found that 40% of them died from entanglement in fishing gear or collisions with ships. Scientists say that the results of the study are very inconclusive, so a new group of researchers has been assembled to review the data and continue monitoring.

There is a theory that wind farms could be the cause. Groups opposed to offshore wind farms have suggested that the planning and scanning stages of the development of the plants, especially off the coast of New Jersey, may have affected the whales.

The Marine Mammal Commission has stated that there is no evidence to link strandings of dead whales to wind farms.

Other reasons include the increased use of shipping. According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, 2022 saw the largest amount of cargo on record.

Global warming, rising ocean temperatures, and climate change may also be the cause of humpback whale extinction, as they feed on tiny ocean crustaceans that are greatly affected by warming.

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