"Curly Sue," "Twin Sitters," and others: how child actors from popular movies of the '90s have changed

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How child actors from popular '90s movies have changed

It's hard to imagine the winter holidays without the amazing story of the charming Kevin McCallister from the family comedy "Home Alone." We still call girls with curly hair "Curly Sue", remembering the movie of the same name about a homeless girl con artist. And also with great pleasure we review pictures from the 90's, where the key roles were played by small actors. Most child movie stars couldn't cope with the fame that fell on them at such an early age, and so disappeared from the big screens. Nevertheless, their characters in beloved and sometimes iconic films became unforgettable for viewers.

OBOZREVATEL decided to recall old movies and TV series where child actors played, and also found relatively recent photos of these people. Find out how they have changed and what they are doing now in our material.

Macaulay Culkin


The popularity of the first and second parts of the movie "Home Alone" has not disappeared even after more than 30 years. For the young Culkin shooting the comedy was a real breakthrough, making him a star of first magnitude in the 90's. The boy was predicted a great future in cinema, but the role of Kevin McCallister was for him the pinnacle of triumph, to surpass which the actor and could not and is unlikely to succeed. Macaulay really wanted to return to the screen: starred in commercials, music videos, "touring" on television and internet shows, but all to no avail. Exacerbating the situation was the celebrity's addiction to banned substances. Now Culkin was on the right track. In 2021, he had a daughter and also appeared in season 10 of the popular series "American Horror Story".

Allison Porter


The charmingly curly-haired girl won the award for best young actress for her role in "Curly Sue." However, Porter decided to swap the set and cameras for the stage and microphone. In 2016, she won the 10th season of the American show "The Voice" as a member of Christina Aguilera's team. The performer is divorced and raising two children, and before motherhood she suffered from alcohol and drug addiction.

Christian and Joseph Cousins


The 1994 comedy "Twin Sitters" brought the little twin actors real fame. However, time later their careers came to naught. Joseph now works as an executive development director for the American company LumiSource. And Christian is a personal stylist and closet designer, as well as an operations manager at The Haus Fine Furnishing Company.

Michael Oliver


The success of the first part of the movie "Problem Child" forced the filmmakers to immediately shoot a sequel to the funny story about the boy, whose bad character can not stand any family. Mother of little Oliver, acting as his manager, demanded from the creators of the picture to increase the fee for the child from 80 thousand dollars to 500. Both sides converged on $250 thousand. However, it happened what everyone feared most - "Problem Child 2" failed at the box office. After that, Universal went to court to demand $170,000 from the actor's parents. Oliver's family literally went bankrupt, and the boy left the cinema forever. However, once in an adult interview, he assured that he did not regret anything and realized himself as a family man.

Haley Joel Osment


As a child, Osment starred in a number of successful films, including Forrest Gump and The Sixth Sense. For his role in the latter thriller the boy at the age of 11 was nominated for an Oscar. It would seem that in front of a long and successful film career. However, the fame of Osment gradually waned. Now he appears from time to time in some series and movies, but all - only occasional roles. However, the loss of popularity the actor experienced without harm to himself - he did not associate with drugs and alcohol, as many colleagues with a similar history.

Edward Furlong


The star of the cult "Terminator: Judgment Day" became a youth idol in his day. The handsome teenage boy was an audience favorite, but his real life was a mess. His mother had no interest in her son and even lost custody of him, which she tried to renew when she found out about the child's fees. Furlong never knew his father. Along with growing up, drugs, alcohol, numerous rehabs, and arrests on domestic violence charges came into Edward's life. In 2019, he returned to the role of John Connor in the final installment of Terminator. Only for a minute, though.

Cole Sprouse


This actor, as well as his twin brother Dylan, prove that not always fame in childhood ends in loss of popularity, addictions and other things. The brothers have been appearing on screens since infancy, and Ben Geller's role in the iconic TV series Friends, which they took turns playing, gave a sure boost to their future careers. Now Cole is actively starring in popular projects. He performed one of the main roles in the TV series "Riverdale", as well as in the love drama "One Meter Apart". In addition, the star is fond of photography and often shows itself just as a photographer. Dylan takes off less, but also from time to time appears in the cinema. For example, in the melodrama "After."

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