Complete tastelessness: what manicure has long gone out of fashion and looks cheap. Photo.

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Some manicure designs have become irrelevant

The key to a beautiful manicure is well-groomed nails and stylish design. Not every idea will look relevant on your nails, because the world of nail art has its own trends and anti-trends.

You can easily tell which manicure is outdated by the social media accounts of famous nail technicians and the nails of stars. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about the designs that have lost their relevance (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Decor on the nails

Excessive jewellery - piercings, spikes, stickers, and voluminous rhinestones - on the nails make the manicure look cheap and tasteless.


Drawings of animals and people

Cartoon images of bunnies, bears, people, or other characters have long looked outdated. Such a manicure can tell a lot about the preferences of its owner, but it does not indicate her sense of style at all.


Stiletto nails

In previous years, long, sharp-shaped nails that could be seen from afar were at the peak of popularity. Nowadays, stilettos are all about the desire to attract attention, but this year's fashion is all about simplicity and comfort, which does not go well with a bold manicure.


Monochrome polish

Once upon a time, the shiny rubbing that made your nails look like a mirror was very popular, but the days of its glory are long gone. Nowadays, partial rubbing in a minimalist design looks stylish.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, minimalist trends in manicure dominate. Over-the-top nail art is fading into the background, and "calm" classics are taking its place. Including the so-called "rich girl's nails".

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