Cleans the entire apartment to a shine: named a universal cleaning agent

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How to clean the entire apartment with one agent

Sometimes one product is enough to clean an entire apartment to a shine. This will save you a lot of money because you no longer have to buy expensive products for different surfaces.

We're talking about ordinary dishwashing liquid. It can wash away dirt on almost all surfaces. The details were revealed by The Sun.

Laura Mountford, a cleaning expert known on social media as @lauracleanaholic, regularly shares her cleaning tips and tricks.

Laura posted on Instagram a cheap and easy life hack to help clean your home and garden. This method will keep your home smelling fresh for a long time.

Laura Mountford uses dishwashing liquid to clean showers, tiles, toilets, and windows.

To make the shower shine, the expert advises coating it with dishwashing liquid. After a few minutes, rub it with a long brush. Not only the shower but also the tiles in the cabin will become clean.

To clean the floor or terrace, take a container of warm water and add dishwashing liquid to it. Mix thoroughly until you get a thick foam. After that, mop the floor with a mop.

To clean the toilet, Laura recommends simply pouring a generous amount of liquid and scrubbing the surface with a stiff toilet brush.

Social media users are delighted with the life hack. Some add that you can dilute dishwashing detergent with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. This will make cleaning even easier.

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