Celebrating the royal visit: Prince William dined at an LGBT restaurant during his trip to Poland

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Prince William looked into an unexpected place

During his visit to Poland, Prince William visited not only a shelter for Ukrainian refugees, but also a facility for people with a different sexual orientation. The son of the British monarch had dinner at an LGBT restaurant, a table booked by his companions from Kensington Palace. Although the place looked quite decent, it was fraught with hidden dangers.

One of the visitors of the restaurant called "Butero" took a picture of the royal person at dinner and posted it on a social network, the Polish edition writes. The restaurant's customers were surprised to see the Duke at the next table (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

"We were completely unaware that they were coming. We had a table booked for 12 people called Daisy. It was supposed to be Daisy's birthday party. But then a security guard showed up and said it wasn't Daisy's birthday, and then Prince William walked in," said the bistro owner.


As it became known, the prince had dinner on a budget. He ordered a special pork sandwich in a braided roll with a side of fries and garlic sauce. The grandson of Elizabeth II paid about £7.5 (340 hryvnias) for his meal.

"Warsaw can surprise you. Today I had dinner with the prince. I wonder what he ordered. But the service here was excellent and helpful. It's interesting that he chose a de facto gay place. It is valuable that he supported the community that is oppressed by the current government in Poland," a local resident wrote on his Instagram, sharing three photos with William.


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