Cats can warn of danger: how not to miss the signals

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Cats can warn owners of impending danger

Since ancient times, many cultures have believed that cats have supernatural abilities, can sense the future and warn of danger. In medieval times, black cats were even called witches' helpers, having a connection with the dark forces.

Cat owners have noticed that animals can sense danger, in particular, earthquakes, floods, and the approaching death of the owner. OBOZREVATEL figured out what signals cats give to their owners and how not to miss a warning of trouble.

What dangers can cats sense

Cats have very well-developed senses, including a keen sense of smell, sight, and a sense of danger.

There are cases in history when cats have saved their owners. For example, cats are the first to catch the smell of gas or smoke and can warn of a possible tragedy.

In addition, it is believed that when moving to a new home, you should let a cat in first, because it has a delicate and accurate sense of smell and can therefore pick up the right energy flows.

Speaking of earthquakes, cats can feel vibrations that are inaccessible to humans, so they can sense trouble before the earth's surface begins to tremble. Cats can also "predict" volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, and even bombings.

How cats warn their owners of danger

Cats will try to warn you in every way possible about an impending disaster. They may start meowing loudly, behave unnaturally, try to run away from home or hide somewhere indoors. Sometimes the behaviour can even become aggressive.

You should also pay attention to the cat's appearance. When it senses danger, it pricks its ears, raises its fur, ducks to the ground, and moves in circles.

In addition, cats can even sense death. Scientists explain this by the fact that a person's body odour changes before death. In the last stages of the disease, the body releases substances that can be detected by the cat's sense of smell.

Cats can also sense an increase in sugar levels in people with diabetes. When cats pick up on the symptoms of the disease, they usually lie down on the sore spot, as if taking away bad energy.

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