Car overturned by explosion: information about the condition of Prilepin, who was assassinated in Russia

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As a result of the explosion of an Audi Q7 vehicle in Nizhny Novgorod, Russian propagandist Zakhar Prilepin was seriously injured. According to preliminary data, he is conscious but does not understand what happened.

It is also known that both of Prilepin's legs are broken. Russian propaganda media outlets write about it.

The propagandist was seriously injured when the explosive device that was hidden in the car was detonated. According to eyewitnesses, the explosion was quite strong, even a crater was formed at the scene. The vehicle was overturned because of the explosion.

The Russian Federation said that the crater under the car was about 1.5 meters in diameter and 0.7 meters deep. It is also reported that the wounded Prilepin will be taken from the scene by a helicopter.

Yelizaveta Kondakova, the spokeswoman for the Just Russia-for-Truth party, told RosSMI that Prilepin is "fine" after the car explosion. She also added that at this point it has not been established what exactly happened.

Recall, Russia said that in Nizhny Novgorod on May 6, the Audi Q7 car in which Zakhar Prilepin was traveling was blown up. The propagandist's guard was killed and Prilepin himself was seriously injured. All services are working at the scene of the explosion.

Earlier it was reported that there was a powerful explosion in the center of St. Petersburg on April 2 in a cafe "Street Bar", which resulted in the death of pro-Russian war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky. According to preliminary reports, the explosives were carried into the establishment by a girl: she had hidden them in a statuette and presented them as a gift to the propagandist.

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