Can you leave your phone charging in the socket: the answer to the age-old question

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A working charger is safer than it looks

The further we go, the more gadgets we get, and the more chargers we get in our homes. It may seem convenient to just plug such a charger into an outlet and plug in a gadget as needed.

But how safe is it? And whether such use of chargers can really increase energy bills? OBOZREVATEL looked into these and other issues of proper use of chargers.

Staying constantly energized shortens the life of the charger

It's a myth

In fact, the life of the charger is calculated precisely based on the situation where it is permanently connected to a power source. Usually it is about 50,000 hours, which is just over 2,000 days or almost 6 years. If you periodically turn off the charger, however, this period should increase. Of course, during this time its contacts can break down due to constant plugging and unplugging, plus you are very likely to change your gadget and possibly the type of charger, but in theory this is how it works.

Plugged-in charger "pulls" extra electricity

It's a myth

In fact, when the charger is energized, it does increase the power consumption somewhat. But this consumption is not significant at all. That's because most of the modern chargers are pulse chargers, and this type of construction, when connected to the network, draws energy. But a rough calculation shows that about one third of a kilowatt runs up in a year. That is, you certainly won't have a significant impact on your bills from constantly connected chargers.

A plugged-in outlet can cause a fire

It's a myth

Only a faulty or low-quality charger can suddenly catch fire. A quality device will only catch on fire from a really sudden power surge. Bad or old electrical wiring in the house or faulty or missing circuit breakers can also let you down. If you know your wiring is faulty, then it's really best to unplug appliances from it. All possible ones, not just chargers.

A plugged-in charger can be dangerous for a small child or pet

It's true

A child who puts everything in his mouth can bite the wire just as much as a cat or a dog who likes to chew on everything that is bad. In addition, the baby risks choking on small parts of the charger, for example, swallowing the tip of the cable. And in the socket of the device can be inserted some metal object, which in the case of a happy to do the young explorer, and get a tangible shock of the current. Therefore, it is really better to hide the chargers from kids and pets.

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