Can you leave grass clippings on the lawn: experts have answers

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Can we leave grass on the lawn

Mowing a lawn is not just for aesthetic reasons. High grass can harbor insect pests, including mites. Mowing should begin when the height of vegetation is more than 10 cm. It is worth noting that grass that is too short (less than 5 cm) will dry out too quickly in the heat in summer, which will make your lawn look awful or can start a fire hazard in the dry days.

In summer, you usually mow your lawn once every few weeks. Experts at Woman and Home explain whether you can leave grass on the lawn after the work.

In answering this question, several factors should be taken into account: weather conditions, temperature readings, the amount of mowed grass, etc.

Firstly, grass clippings can greatly nourish your lawn by becoming a natural organic fertilizer. Cut stems contain nutrients that act as fertilizer or homemade compost, releasing beneficial trace elements. If your lawn needs to be fertilized, you can leave them on the peat surface for a while so that nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be released faster.

On the other hand, an excessive amount of grass will block sunlight and the lawn just won't get enough fresh air.

"During the summer months, especially when a drought is expected, it is wise to leave a small amount of grass clippings on your lawn because they will act as mulch and retain moisture in the soil, slowing evaporation. However, it's important not to completely cover your lawn with grass clippings, as this can block out sunlight," Matt Adams, a lawn improvement expert and founder of The Relentless Gardener, explained.

With the onset of cold weather, organics will take longer to decompose, so leaving grass on your lawn in the fall and spring is definitely not a good idea; it will block out the already low amount of sunlight and air.

"This increases the risk of waterlogging, various disease infestations and even moss overgrowth," Matt warned.

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