Can you eat potatoes with green spots: why they become like this

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Why potatoes turn green

Potatoes are a familiar product that is present in our diet every day. Different varieties differ in color and shape, but there is one common feature that warns of the toxicity of the fruit.

Owners do not always pay attention to the greening of potatoes or the formation of sprouts on them. OBOZREVATEL explained how this can affect health.

Green spots and sprouts are formed due to the accumulation of harmful substances. This happens when potatoes are exposed to the sun or a warm environment, and then the pigment chlorophyll begins to be produced.

Although chlorophyll is found in various plants and even fills potatoes with nutrients, it is dangerous in large quantities. In addition to the pigment, at the moment of greening, potatoes produce another substance, solanine, which protects the fruit from animals by acting as a toxin.

Therefore, if a person consumes such potatoes in large quantities, he or she may develop health problems.

You can check the vegetable for solanine content at home. To do this, peel the potatoes and lick them. If you feel bitter, the toxin is there.

Even if you peel the green part, the harmful substance will still remain and high temperatures during cooking will not remove it.

To avoid green spots, follow these tips:

  • Store potatoes in a cool, dry place with good ventilation, not in the refrigerator;
  • The longer the vegetable is at home, the higher the risk that it will turn green, buy potatoes as they are consumed;
  • Onions emit ethylene gas, which promotes the growth of potatoes and sprouts may appear on them, so store vegetables in different places.

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