Can lead to death: cleaning products that should not be combined

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Home cleaning products are often made by mixing different simple substances. The most common example is baking soda and vinegar. Sometimes, this is also done with factory-made products. However, not all effective cleaning liquids and powders can be combined. When they react, they can begin to release toxic gases that can cause burns to the skin, respiratory tract, and eyes. Therefore, it is important to know which cleaning products should not be mixed.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of substances that cannot be combined and explained why they are dangerous when they react.

Vinegar and chlorine bleach

Vinegar releases relatively safe carbon dioxide when reacting with soda. If you combine it with chlorine bleach, toxic chlorine and chloramine vapors will be released into the air. These substances can cause a sore throat, cough, and eye irritation, which is the result of a chemical burn.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

These two products are environmentally friendly cleaning agents on their own, but when combined, they produce succinic acid. It is a strong oxidizing agent that is highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. It is also very corrosive and flammable.

Chlorine bleach and ammonia

Chlorine and ammonia are found in many factory cleaning products and are effective on their own. But when mixed together, they form volatile chloramine molecules. This causes throat burns.

Toilet bowl cleaner and bleach

The desire to whiten the toilet is understandable when you have hard water that leaves stains. But don't try to do it by mixing any toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. Depending on the active ingredient, such a combination can result in a toxic compound that will provoke choking and severe tearing. It is better to buy a chlorine-based toilet bowl cleaner right away as there is no shortage of them on the market.

Chlorine bleach and alcohol

Movies often show criminals putting their victims to sleep with chloroform. Chloroform is formed when chlorine bleach is combined with alcohol. This substance causes nausea and dizziness with minor exposure, and if you breathe it in heavily, it can lead to serious damage to the nervous system and internal organs, not to mention the risk of burns to everything it comes into contact with.

Drain cleaners with anything

The task of a drain cleaner is to dissolve everything that has accumulated in the drain. One can only imagine how powerful a substance capable of doing this is. That is why manufacturers warn against mixing with anything on packaging. It is especially dangerous to combine several cleaning agents at once. This can not only be very harmful to health but also, depending on the composition, lead to the formation of explosive compounds.

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