Can a hairstyle give away all your secrets? A "viral theory" from TikTok has puzzled users around the world. Video.

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"Hair theory" has become popular

Recently, TikTok has been flooded with the so-called "hair theory", which has gone viral all over the world. The beauties on the network demonstrate that different styling and hairstyles can tell a lot about a person and radically change the opinion of others about you.

The theory is so eloquent that it has puzzled many users who follow the viral trend. It was described in more detail by the editors of Vanity Fair (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

The essence of the popular theory is that hair can be styled in so many different ways that it creates the opposite impression of a person. The girls are sitting in the same positions, with the same make-up and facial expressions, but the hairstyles on their heads radically change their appearance.

Thus, network users have noticed a certain pattern, and Caroline Brooks, the founder of the famous The Glasshouse Salon and Spa, explained how it works.


According to her, loose hair indicates a relaxed approach to beauty and ease. Only women who are confident in themselves and their beauty can ignore their hair.

A high or low ponytail is a functional and practical hairstyle. It indicates that a woman likes to look elegant, but her occupation requires her hair to be tied up.


The crabbed hairstyle is very easy to do, but looks stylish and sophisticated. It can reveal a creative person who loves to experiment but maintains a practical approach.

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