Buffet etiquette rules: what to remember

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Moderation is the cardinal rule of etiquette, especially at the table

The buffet is one of the most popular forms of organizing meals in hotels, especially when it comes to the all-inclusive system. Dishes are put out in free access and everyone gets the food he/she wants and how much he/she wants. How many times have you had to observe how tourists rush to the display as if they were fed for the last time in their lives? All because of a lack of knowledge of etiquette.

Meanwhile, its rules govern, among other things, the use of the buffet. OBOZREVATEL shares what etiquette advises for such cases and how to avoid conflicts and overeating.

Different plates for different dishes

You should not put on one plate all the dishes in a row. In general, according to restaurant rules, each dish should be served on a separate plate. More than two put together is not worth it. For example, it is acceptable to take meat and a side dish, fish and salad or fruit and dessert. It is better to make several approaches to serving than to carry a plate loaded with everything in a row, balancing it like a circus performer. Besides the fact that it looks better, you will not take too much, because you will feel that you are full on time.

The main course is in the center of the plate

To understand how much you plan to eat better, put the main course in the center of the plate. A piece of meat or fish arranged this way will look clearer than in a pile of other dishes. Place it in the center and only then add a side dish, salad or sauce. But not altogether.

No piles

If piles of food have started to form on your plate, it's a clear signal that you're doing it all wrong. Start by stopping scooping food into your serving spoon with a heaping. It's better to make a few extra movements than to rake half of the dish (which you won't eat that much of anyway) in one wide gesture. Also, you can always go to the table one more time and take something else if you are not full from what you took the first time. Moderation is the golden rule of any table etiquette.

Don't grab with your hands

All dishes at a buffet are labeled with the utensils you should use to grab them. Use spoons, scoops, tongs, etc. This applies in particular to baked goods and fruit. Eating with your bare hands is no good either. First, sit down at the table, take the utensils and only then start eating.

Do not push

The main rule is to respect those who are next to you. There is no need to push everyone and get in line, even if you have a dish in front of you that you love more than anything else in the world. You will only give the impression of an ill-mannered person. Be polite, do not wave your hands to avoid hitting someone who walks by with a full plate and apologize if you push someone, even lightly.

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