Brought from Laos: details about the "museum" tank that was shown at the parade in Moscow have surfaced

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The T-34 that took part in the parade in Moscow was brought by Russians from Laos

The May 9 parade in Moscow used far fewer vehicles than in previous years. This year, only one tank, the T-34, which had been discontinued in the 1950s, rode on Red Square, and even this ancient example of Kharkiv tank building was brought to Moscow by the Russians from Laos.

Moreover, even this ancient example of Kharkiv tank building was brought to Moscow from Laos by the Russians. The head of the expert group on internal communications of the Defense Ministry Vasily Pavlov stated this in the air of the telemarathon.

According to him, Ukrainian analysts are closely watching, among other things, how the May 9 parade takes place in the capital of the aggressor state. After all, from what, how and in what quantities the Russians pull out on Red Square, one can draw many conclusions both about new "trends" in Russian imperial ideology and from the point of view of analyzing the intentions of the Russian military and political leadership and the real state of affairs in the "second army of the world.

Thus, the current "defile" of the only tank at the parade-2023 - the ancient T-34 - is very revealing. In particular, because even this "armored veteran" Russians had to carry from far away Laos.

"And that one (the only tank at the parade in Moscow on May 9, 2023. - Ed.) was brought from Laos from among those tanks that Russia transferred for use in the Democratic Republic of Laos. So we see a certain crisis," Pavlov noted.

The "certain crisis" that befell the "second army of the world" after more than a year of full-scale war against Ukraine was noticed not only by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, but also by the Russian opposition publications.


For example, the Telegram channel "Can Explain" noted that apart from the more modern T-34 tanks (not to mention Armats), the Russians did not wait for any Buk SAMs, Typhoon armored vehicles, or aircraft at the parade.

OSINT analyst Oliver Alexander noted in his Twitter that this year the number of equipment has almost quadrupled compared to 2021. According to his data, only 51 units of military equipment passed through this year. And in 2021 - 197 units.


The Red Square parade was mostly marched not by professional servicemen, but by cadets and students of military higher educational institutions. For the first time in many years, the Defense Ministry did not publish any information about the composition of the columns at the parade, although before, this information was published on a special page on the Defense Ministry website.

The "Novosti Agency" counted only about 8 thousand military personnel.

"This is the minimum number of participants since 2008. Several military formations, which were represented last year, did not appear on the pavement of Red Square this time. Soldiers of the 4th Guards Kantemirov Tank Division, the Taman Division, the 27th Motorized Rifle Guards Sevastopol Brigade, and the 45th Independent Engineer Brigade were absent," the journalists listed.


Recall, earlier the Ukrainian segment of the network exploded with laughter and jokes because of the ancient T-34 at the parade in Moscow, while the Russians were waiting for the Armatas. Meanwhile, the population of the aggressor state made hysterics over the "most disgraceful parade.

In his speech at the May 9 parade, Russian President Vladimir Putin complained that a war had been launched against Russia, and once again spoke about defending Donbass.

"Today civilization is once again at a decisive turning point. A real war has once again been waged against our homeland," the dictator declared.

He also accused Western countries of "provoking conflicts," "inciting hatred," and "destroying family values.

Interestingly, at the parade Putin spoke much more about Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine than he did about World War II. However, as even the Russians noted, he did not offer to honor the memory of the Russian invaders liquidated in Ukraine, the number of which is steadily approaching 200 thousand.

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