Best choice for fashionistas: top 7 manicure trends in 2023. Photo.

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In 2023, 7 types of manicure will be in trend

Each manicure session is a chance to show your imagination and familiarity with fashion trends. This year, there will be 7 of them, and every beauty will find something for herself for any mood.

This is the opinion of the editors of the French fashion magazine Noovo Moi. OBOZREVATEL has already written about some of the new trends in the world of nail art before (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Glazed donut

To better understand this trend, you need to imagine a donut covered with a delicate, slightly pink and shiny glaze. This is exactly the kind of finish that salons around the world achieve with beautiful varnishes and craftsmanship.


Magenta colour

A current trend is not always a complex design. In 2023, the magenta shade will look especially stylish on hands, clothes and accessories.


Vanilla latte manicure

In previous years, this colour was not one of the most fashionable, but this season the situation has changed. You should definitely try a warm, milky brown shade reminiscent of latte at least once.


Multicoloured nails

Designs using different colours are not always striking and bold. You can also combine basic colours, which will become a trend in 2023.


Colourful French manicure

Almost every year, the classic French manicure is updated and gives beauties the opportunity to diversify the timeless classic. As in previous years, bright tips will be in fashion.


Minimalist design

"Invisible French," geometric manicure, vanilla French manicure and Korean Blush Nails are varieties of minimalist nail art. All of them will be in fashion, although they are very different from each other.


Textured nails

Nail service masters are already preparing for an influx of clients who want to try textured design. You can fantasise in this direction as much as you like.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that the French manicure with double ombré became a new trend. How to do it properly - read in the material.

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