Begonia will bloom profusely: a simple life hack will change the flower

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Begonia blooms on the windowsill

Begonia will become a real home decoration, but the plant needs careful care. Optimal watering, the absence of drafts, and the right temperature are the basis for long-lasting flowering.

However, special attention should be paid to fertilizing. OBOZ.UA tells you about an effective winter fertilizer that will make begonias bloom brightly.

Fruit fertilization

To maintain the balance of vitamins and improve immunity in the cold season, we usually buy fruit. Bananas are an affordable source of essential trace elements and B vitamins: B1, B2, and B6, vitamin C (one-third of the daily value), and PP, iron, calcium and potassium, fluorine, and phosphorus.

In late winter, banana fertilizer is the best fertilizer for begonias.

Begonias need special care in winter

How to make the fertilizer

  1. Take four banana peels and wash them well.
  2. Put them in a 3-liter glass jar.
  3. Add infused water at room temperature.
  4. Leave the solution to stand in a cool, dark place for 72 hours.
  5. Strain the liquid through a filter or cheesecloth and dilute it again with water in a ratio of 1:2.

How to use the fertilizer

Water the plant at the root. You can also spray a little liquid on the leaves with a spray bottle.

Banana fertilizer will saturate the begonia with potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen components. The plant will receive reliable protection from pests and diseases. A nice bonus is that the quality and duration of flowering will improve significantly.

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