Battery will last 50% longer: what feature on your iPhone is better to turn off

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How to save your phone's battery

In times of war and power cuts, it is not always possible to charge your smartphone in time. Sometimes you have to stay out of touch for a long time.

You can save a lot of battery power by disabling some functions that you don't really need. They put an additional strain on the battery. Read about a useful life hack in the OBOZREVATEL article.

How to save battery power on your iPhone

On the iPhone, there is an option called Raise to Wake. This is a convenient and easy way to switch on your smartphone without pressing any buttons. But you should be careful, because this feature is very draining on the battery.

You have to admit, when there is no power and no connection, Raise to Wake does not play an important role for the phone. That's why experts advise disabling it

Go to the Settings menu, click on "Display and brightness". Once you find the Raise to Wake feature, deactivate it by pressing "Off".


After that, the iPhone screen will only light up when you switch it on manually.

It may seem like a simple method, but it can save more than 50% of the charge. Given today's realities, this will increase battery life.

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