Author of the survival programme Bear Grylls shares his emotions from his visit to Ukraine: I was shocked by the trip to Bucha and Irpin

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Bear Grylls shared his emotions from his visit to Ukraine

The famous British traveller, TV presenter and writer Bear Grylls visited Ukraine in late November and early December 2022 to film a documentary called War Zone: Bear Grylls Meets President Zelenskyy. The film has already been released on the Discovery Channel. While working on the project, the author of the Man vs. Wild programme was not only shocked by the consequences of the atrocities committed by the Russian occupiers in Ukrainian cities, but also personally learned about the missile terror from Russia.

Grylls shared his emotions and impressions of the trip in an interview with NV. The traveller, who has overcome many difficulties in the most dangerous parts of the world and was a member of the UK Special Air Force, admitted that filming in Ukraine was the most difficult and stressful in his career.

"It was one of the worst and most stressful weeks of my filmmaking career. No doubt about it. The show talks about all of that. But I was also reminded that peace is worth fighting for. Ukraine and NATO are at war against an insatiable aggressor. And we all have to do our best to bring truth, unity and peace to a complex and difficult situation. And that, in the end, whether we are a president, a journalist or a soldier on the front line, we are all trying to do our best to bring both countries back to peace," the survival expert shared.


Grylls called Ukrainians brave people. He was convinced of this when he visited Bucha and Irpin and understood what our people had to go through and what they are still struggling with.


"Hearing first-hand some of the horrific stories about war crimes and the deportation of children to Russian camps shocked me, as did the trip to Bucha and Irpin, where I witnessed many war crimes. I will never forget this trip and, above all, the privilege of talking to the president and being among such brave people," the documentary filmmaker commented.


Speaking of the president. Grylls recalls that when he was offered the opportunity to make a film with the Ukrainian leader, he immediately jumped at the chance and travelled to Kyiv without hesitation. According to the host, Zelenskyy is very well protected, but walking around the capital, he saw him as a "humble and cordial person".


"It seemed to me that the president was grateful to me for the walk around the city - he hasn't had the pleasure for more than a year," said Grylls.


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