Astronomers have shown an amazing dark galaxy that looks like a "guardian of the Universe". Photo.

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Scientists show an unusual galaxy

The universe may be more amazing than anything the human mind can imagine. Astronomers have shown a dark galaxy that looks like a "guardian of the universe". The new image was obtained from the ESO telescope.

The Cone Nebula, which is part of the larger NGC 2264 complex, is located 2500 light-years from Earth in the constellation of the Unicorn. The astronomical discovery was reported by Science Alert.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has published images showing only a small glimpse of the galaxy. The nebula looks like a titanic lighthouse that monitors the endless emptiness of space.


We have always imagined galaxies as a bright cluster of stars and colours. But not all nebulae are the same: they can reflect the light of nearby stars, or, if ionised by stars from within, they can emit their own light.

The Cone Galaxy is dark and covered with light-absorbing dust. Such nebulae are known as molecular clouds. The dust emits infrared light, which removes heat energy. This, in turn, causes the cloud to cool. The force of gravity unites and attracts clumps of dust and gas.

Gaining a certain mass, the star creates a "feedback". Scientists explain the amazing shape of the Cone Nebula by radiation pressure. Under the influence of magnetic field lines, plasma jets burst out from the star's poles

Blue, hot, and baby stars are at the stage where their feedback is being smashed across the dust nebula.

Astronomers say that the famous Pillars of Creation were created using a similar principle.


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