Astronomers have found an amazing cat-shaped nebula. Photo

New stars form in a cluster of gas and dust. Source: Pexels

Space is a mysterious area, full of mysteries. Often people look up at the sky, trying to discern some kind of picture.

Thanks to a powerful telescope, astronomers were able to see a cat-shaped nebula. European Southern Observatory published a study of the scientists (to see pictures, scroll to the end of the news).

Using the European Southern Observatory's VLT telescope, located on a mountaintop in Chile, astronomers took a picture of the Sh2-284 nebula. It turned out to look a lot like a cat smiling crookedly while looking at Earth. It is as if the cat has found a hole in the ceiling and is looking through it, showing only its head.


Sh2-284 nebula is a cluster of dense gas and dust where new stars are formed. It is located 15,000 light-years away. Dolidze 25 is one of the brightest clusters of newborn stars, located at the very center of the nebula. These young celestial bodies produce a powerful stellar wind and intense radiation, giving the nebula a bright orange color.

This coloring makes the cat look ginger. Strong columns of dense gas and dust can be seen in star clusters that cannot be destroyed by stellar winds. Therefore, these pillars create their own clusters of bright stars.

Perhaps this interesting image of a red cat is not just a random shape of a nebula, but a memory of the cosmos of the first cat astronaut Felicette, who flew in 1963 as part of the French space program.

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