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Layering in a look is a popular trend

Layering in clothing is a very popular trend that is favoured by fashionistas, designers and photographers of famous glossy magazines. The trend is to combine wardrobe items of different styles, fabrics and cuts.

A tight top, wide shirt or sweater combined with a fitted coat is just one of the many examples of how to create a layered outfit. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 5 more stylish combinations in more detail (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Dress + trousers

Fashionistas have demonstrated a non-standard combination of dresses and trousers more than once. Long tunics worn over jeans or leggings used to be in trend, but now this look looks outdated. It is better to choose a wide and simple dress made of thick material and classic trousers.


Top + tank top, T-shirt

Double and sometimes triple tops will look very relevant in 2023. It is better to choose models that do not overlap each other. For example, a one-shoulder T-shirt and a lace top underneath.


Different prints

Layering applies not only to styles but also to prints. A monochrome shirt with a leopard dress or a geometric trench coat with bright shoes will look fashionable and interesting. However, it is important not to flirt with shades and patterns, focusing on one detail of the image.


Do not wear clothes

A shirt tied at the waist or a sweater thrown over the shoulders can add volume and layering. Such techniques will emphasise the figure.


Trench coat + jacket

We're used to choosing one piece of outerwear, but combining different models has long been in fashion. A trench coat over a jacket or even a coat can become the hallmark of every fashionista.


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