Artificial intelligence has shown how selfies of Jesus, Cleopatra and other historical figures would look like. Photo.

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The heroes of the project are the rulers of the past and even prehistoric people

Historians and anthropologists often wonder what certain historical figures looked like, and conduct extensive research and reconstructions to recreate their appearance. But British film editor Duncan Thomsen decided to do it in a different way.

According to Talker, he used the capabilities of artificial intelligence. He not only created a series of portraits of prominent people of the past - Jesus, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Napoleon - but also asked the algorithm to present them in the form of selfies. To do this, he used the Midjourney system, which works through the Discord app (to see the photos, scroll down to the end of the news).

According to Thomsen, he spent a whole month developing the prompt formulas, the right way to communicate with the AI, and photographic elements to finally get the shots that look like selfies. The man called the images he got hilarious. "The results are hilarious, and everyone I've shared my work with can't believe how real the photos look," the project author admitted.

Thomsen now believes that his approach can be used to teach history to children. "This technology can be used in schools as a new way of teaching and engaging children in world history - it's like travelling through time without a time machine," he says.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that a group of researchers led by Elon Musk called for a halt to experiments with artificial intelligence, as it could prove dangerous.

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