Another "cotton" in occupied Melitopol: residents of the city told about a powerful explosion

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Explosions occurred in occupied Melitopol

On the morning of April 5, there was another "pop" in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region. Local residents heard powerful explosions in the northern and western districts of the city.

The consequences of the next demilitarisation of the invaders are being clarified. This was reported by Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov on Telegram.

It is worth noting that the day before, explosions occurred in Melitopol at the locations of the Russian occupation forces. The mayor added that information about the explosions on April 5 is being investigated.

"Cotton continues to flourish in the temporarily occupied Melitopol. An explosion has just been heard in the northern and western districts of the city. We are checking the information," said the mayor of Melitopol.

Local media have so far only reported the explosion. At the same time, the Telegram channel Ria Melitopol writes that panic continues to snowball among local collaborators. In particular, after several traitors' cars were blown up, they complain that the Russians simply used them to line their pockets.

Moreover, Melitopol collaborators are discussing in local chat rooms that the leaders of the so-called 'administrations' have already evacuated their families from the captured city.

Occupied Melitopol on the map

Recall that in Melitopol, on Bohdan Khmelnytsky Avenue, the car of collaborator Maksym Zubarev, who was in the car at the time, exploded. Later it became known that the traitor died in hospital as a result of his injuries.

On the morning of April 2, powerful explosions took place in the temporarily occupied Melitopol. The Russian invaders complained that they had recorded arrivals at the locomotive depot.

Earlier it was reported that on March 27, "cotton" bloomed profusely in the temporarily occupied Melitopol and neighbouring settlements of the Zaporizhzhia region. Ukrainian soldiers struck at buildings where the invaders had placed two barracks and the headquarters of the MGB, as well as two repair bases on the territory of the depot in Melitopol and the village of Veseloye, 30 km from the district centre.

The day before, it became known that explosions had occurred in Melitopol near the Joker cafe and the invaders' barracks. Local media reported that the explosion occurred in the building where the so-called state security service was located.

Also, a few days ago, guerrillas blew up a former police officer who had defected to the occupiers. According to preliminary data, the explosion occurred in the car of a local collaborator, Serhiy Skovyrko, who voluntarily cooperated with the Russians during the occupation of the city.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- Ukrainian guerrillas hinted that "surprises" await the occupiers in Melitopol. The Atesh organisation, created by Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, has started operating in the city.

- U.S. Army General Ben Hodges named a priority condition for the liberation of Melitopol. According to him, this is the cessation of the movement of Russian logistics through Mariupol and Melitopol itself to the occupied Crimea.

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