Andriy Danylko was banned from travelling to the United States and Canada, where he was scheduled to tour: the organiser's commentary

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Andriy Danylko banned from travelling to the USA and Canada

The famous Ukrainian musician and impersonator Andriy Danylko, who is known for his Verka Serdyuchka impersonation, was forced to cancel his spring concerts as part of a tour of the US and Canada. The artist and his team of 26 people were banned from travelling abroad.

The reason is that Danylko and other artists from his band did not complete all the necessary documents in accordance with the new rules for temporary travel abroad from Ukraine. The tour was scheduled for the end of April a year ago, and then it was released under a different procedure. The singer announced this on his personal Instagram page.

Danylko addressed the fans who were going to attend Serdyuchka's concerts in the cities of America and Canada. He assured them that the tour will still take place, but will be postponed to other dates, probably in autumn.

"Unfortunately, our tour of the US and Canada has been forced to be postponed to autumn. We have a large team, all from different parts of the country, and not everyone managed to complete the documents required to travel abroad under the new rules in time. We couldn't go on tour with an incomplete line-up, because the quality and level of our shows depend on each of the band members," the singer wrote.


Danylko expressed hope that the fans would be understanding of the circumstances and come to the concerts in autumn to support Ukraine.

"We are sincerely sorry that the circumstances played against us, but we will definitely come to you soon to support Ukraine. All tickets remain valid for the new dates, which will be announced soon. So, we ask you to keep your tickets, because Verka, Mama and everyone are waiting to see you. We hope for your understanding. Glory to Ukraine!" - summed up the artist.

However, not all fans were sympathetic to the tour's postponement. The next concert was scheduled for April 18 in Miami, and the announcement of its cancellation appeared on the same day. People who had come to the show from other cities began to accuse Danylo of being unprofessional.


"It's such disrespect for the audience!", "Unfortunately, the money we spent on the hotel and the journey is not valid for the next concert and will be lost. Is it really professional to cancel a concert in two days? It's very convenient to justify yourself with the 'quality of the performance' and so on. But the documents were not received two days before the concert, right?" - commented disgruntled commentators.

Meanwhile, other Ukrainians condemned their compatriots who decided to complain about their "problems" with Miami while the terrorist war was still going on in their home country.

"After reading the comments, I wish I didn't have such problems... Maybe you can come to us, to Kharkiv, dear commentators? We have our own concert!", "I'm ashamed of people who complain about the cancellation of the concert. We're actually at war, and this is definitely not the biggest loss," wrote other internet users.

Igor Golubchik, the organiser of Verka Serdyuchka's North American Tour and president of Resilience Entertainment, gave an exclusive comment to OBOZREVATEL on the situation. He assured that all the planned concerts will take place, but first they will have to do a lot of work. "We have been preparing for this tour for a year! A big team: visas, documents, complex logistics, large halls, equipment. Despite the fact that they were constantly trying to put a spoke in our wheels: they would say that Andriy was sick and wouldn't come, or that it was not the real Andriy Danylko. Andriy and his Serdyuchka have been very much awaited here for the last 10 years! Of course, these issues will be resolved in the near future. It is clear that the concerts postponed to autumn will take place. Yes, we will have to do a lot of work again. But we will win, there is no doubt about it. Because Serdyuchka is a joy that is so necessary now amidst the daily gloom. And our every smile now is a slap in the face to the occupiers," Golubchik assured.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Danylo has had to postpone his concerts. However, earlier it was due to the artist's health condition. The star suffered a vocal cord haemorrhage due to laryngitis. This is a dangerous condition that requires serious treatment and complete vocal rest for several weeks. All the details are in our material.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Danylko will not be able to come to Russia for the next 50 years, as sanctions have been imposed on him because of his strong anti-war stance and harsh statements against the Kremlin authorities. Nevertheless, the artist intends to return to Moscow at the age of 98, when it is allowed, for one purpose.

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