And you, Dragon? Five signs of the Chinese zodiac that will face obstacles in 2024

The symbol of 2024 is the Dragon

According to the Eastern calendar, the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon began on February 10. Personifying strength, wisdom, and endurance, the Dragon will promote new beginnings in your career and fateful decisions in your personal life.

However, not everyone will be lucky. Astrologers say that some signs of the Chinese zodiac may face difficulties. You will have to prove your point of view and work hard, but it is not a fact that it will bring money and rewards.


As ironic as it may sound, Dragons will be the biggest losers in their zodiac year. Be prepared to face failures, misfortune, conflicts with friends or colleagues. However, not everything is as bad as it might seem.

Although it's not going to be the best year for your career and finances, you may be lucky in love. There are high chances of meeting a soul mate and even making a life-changing choice in life.


The year will be like a roller coaster. Periods of success and prosperity will suddenly give way to black streaks of hardship and financial loss. Of course, such emotional swings can lead to stress and health problems.

The path to success will be very slow. In the distant future, you will reap the rewards of your efforts and get closer to your goals. But 2024 will not bring the desired results in your career and creativity. You may encounter people who will provoke irritation and aggression and ultimately hinder your progress. You should be patient and not waste energy on arguments.


The year will bring a lot of difficulties and conflicts, and the main reason, astrologers say, is your incompatibility with the zodiac symbol of the year. There will be unexpected obstacles in your career, health, and finances. In contrast to the adventurous energy of the Dragon, you are naturally modest, sensitive, and cautious. While Dragons like to take responsibility and lead, you like to cooperate and please people. These contradictions will overshadow your success.

You should be especially careful with finances. There is a risk of significant financial losses due to rash investments.


Be patient - misunderstandings, conflicts, and gossip await you ahead. 2024 promises to be a period of great transformation, so it's time to move away from old models to become more adaptable and adequately perceive change.

The Dragon will not favor your practical and rational approach to life, as it goes against its creative spirit. It's time to find new ways to solve old problems.


The year 2024 will be very unstable. Tension at work and conflicts in the family will lead to stress and poor health.

Your intuition is the greatest force that will protect you in difficult situations and help you make the right decision. Be careful in financial matters. It is advisable to postpone any big plans, as they may not be realized in the best way.

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