Ammunition, drones, trucks: Germany provides Ukraine with a new batch of military aid

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Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive 6 drones for reconnaissance missions

Germany has handed over another batch of military aid to Ukraine in its fight against the Russian occupiers. The German government has provided ammunition, drones and trucks as part of a new package of assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This was reported by the press service of the German parliament. It is noted that compared to last week, the aid package has been significantly expanded.

In particular, this time Ukraine will receive:

  • 4 DACHS (7 in total);
  • 8 Zetros trucks (60 in total);
  • 8 mobile antenna systems (42 in total);
  • 6 drones for reconnaissance missions (32 in total);
  • 23520 rounds of 40 mm ammunition (83520 in total).

It is worth noting that the German government has decided to provide Ukraine with additional military assistance worth €12 billion. Of this amount, €3.2 billion will be disbursed in 2023, and another €8.8 billion will be provided as credit lines for the period from 2024 to 2032.

Earlier, German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy Robert Habeck apologised for the late delivery of weapons to Ukraine. The German government decided too late to transfer much-needed equipment to Ukrainian defenders.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Germany wants to increase military aid to Ukraine fivefold, which has been fighting Russia's full-scale invasion for more than a year. Berlin may decide to increase aid to Kyiv from 3 to 15 billion euros in the coming years.

On March 27, the German government officially confirms the delivery of 18 promised Leopard 2 tanks. The combat vehicles have already been delivered to Ukraine.

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