Age does not spare anyone! How the most handsome actors of the 90s, from whom fans went crazy, have changed. Photos then and now

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They continue to receive huge fees

Despite the fact that the years leave their mark on everyone, whether an ordinary person or a world-famous personality, these men remain in demand as actors even at a respectable age. Grey hair and wrinkles have not made them any less desirable for the army of fans.

OBOZREVATEL will remind you how Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman and Gavier Bardem looked at the peak of their popularity. All of them still drive girls crazy (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Johnny Depp

The American actor is best known for his roles in Tim Burton's films Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ed Wood, Sweeney Todd, and the image of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. At the time of filming Edward Scissorhands, Johnny was 27 years old. Now the artist is 59, but he remains a sex symbol.


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, an American actor, film director, screenwriter and producer, winner of two Academy Awards, turned 50 last year. He began his career at the age of 12, playing a small role in the television series Mimi's Journey. Ben continues to win over fans around the world and inspire his wife Jennifer Lopez.


Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, an Australian and American actor, film director, screenwriter and producer, became popular thanks to the films Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, and The Man with No Face. Despite his age - he is 67 years old - he continues to act in films and has a four-year-old son with his 31-year-old girlfriend.


Hugh Jackman

At 54, Australian actor, singer and producer Hugh Jackman leads a healthy lifestyle, is active in sports and receives new offers for filming. By the way, since 1996, the star has been married to actress Deborre Lee Furness, who is 13 years his senior.


Javier Bardem

The most famous films with the Spanish actor Javier Bardem are Live Flesh, The Sea Inside, Goya's Ghosts, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and 007: Skyfall. The celebrity is now 54 years old, but he is not losing ground. Although his popularity peaked in the 2000s.


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