Affordable but unreliable: what used cars under $10,000 you shouldn't buy

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Dodge Journey
These models are not the best deal on the aftermarket. Source: Dodge

The main factor in buying a used car that most buyers are repulsed by is the low price. This means that you can get not only a cheap car but also a lot of problems. These three models are like that.

OBOZREVATEL checked everything for you. We do not recommend buying these cars on the secondary market even if there is an attractive price. It is better to pay attention to something else.

The worst used cars with a price under $10,000:

  • Ford EcoSport;
  • Citroen C3;
  • Dodge Journey.
Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport

This is the case when you don't get a good car for a lot of money. New Ford models are traditionally more expensive than their competitors. For some reason such tendency is observed on the secondary market even in case of frankly unsuccessful cars. The EcoSport crossover is not too reliable and quite expensive both when buying and during maintenance.

Citroen C3

Not only buyers did not like this model (hatchback of the second generation) but also owners, who are now trying to get rid of the car on the secondary market. Because of this, prices fall attractively low. Experts estimate the reliability of the model at the level of 50%. This is very far from the class leaders.

Dodge Journey

A popular car in Ukraine on the secondary market. Used Dodge Journey from the USA is imported into our country quite often, Now they are sold in different condition. Not only the car has is a very mediocre reliability but also almost all of them have been in accidents in the United States. Thus, think twice.

OBOZREVATEL previously reported on a cheap Suzuko crossover, which enters the market.

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