Add coziness to your home: what indoor flowers bloom all year round

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Violets, begonias, pelargoniums and several other types of plants that will decorate your home with flowers throughout the year

Fresh flowers can cheer you up in winter. But the bouquet will last only a few days and will be expensive. But a flowering houseplant will cost you as much as one bouquet, and will bloom for at least a week, and some species several times a year without reference to the season.

OBOZ.UA tells about such plants. Depending on the care, they bloom every 2-3 months and some bloom for several weeks in a row.


The Uzambar violet or Saintpaulia has gained such immense popularity precisely because of its amazing flowering, which occurs several times a year and lasts for weeks. Fans have bred a lot of hybrids with flowers of different colors and shapes, and it is also relatively easy to care for. First of all, you will need a small and shallow pot in which the root system of the plant will be located very tightly - it should be slightly smaller in diameter than the rosette of violet leaves. The light plant likes to receive a lot of light, but in no case direct. And it needs careful watering - water should not get on the leaves, so the most convenient method is to apply water through a tray.


You can grow this plant both at home in pots and in the open field - in any case, it will thank you for your care with abundant flowering. In a warm home, the appearance of begonia flowers does not depend on the season. Begonias like plenty of indirect sunlight, rather humid air (around 60%) and regular but moderate watering.


A relative of cacti and pineapples impresses with its unusual flowering and bright colors of flowers. To feel good, it needs moist air and a lot of indirect sunlight. Ideally, the flower should be sprayed with settled water as often as possible. Such a plant will bloom for up to 6 months without a break. However, after that, the rosette that produced the flower dies.


Pelargoniums belong to the geranium family, one of the most decorative groups of indoor plants. In summer, it feels good in the sun; in winter, it needs coolness to bloom. It can also be kept in dry rooms; the plant does not need high humidity. And to bloom, it needs regular fertilization, moderate watering, and plenty of light.


The plant originates from the tropics, so it blooms accordingly. The star-shaped flowers of the pentas can be red, white, pink, lilac, and have a lot of shades. It prefers to bloom in the winter season, although it can bloom in other months as well. To get a lush bloom, the plant needs plenty of bright light and regular watering. Spraying the flower is not necessary, but the plant responds very well to it.


Even an inexperienced gardener can achieve bright colors from balsam, because this plant is very unpretentious. It is quite resistant to different temperatures, but it likes a lot of indirect sunlight. It likes abundant watering, but you need to add water when the top layer of soil in the pot dries out by about 2 cm. And do not forget about good drainage so that water does not stagnate under the plant.

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