Absorb negativity and attract money: what three houseplants should be in every home

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Which plants are best planted at home

Indoor flowers create a special atmosphere in houses and apartments. It doesn't matter if your entire house is filled with plants or if there is only one flower standing alone on the windowsill.

The secret is to choose plants that can attract prosperity to your home and take away all the negativity. What to choose, OBOZREVATEL recommends

The first on the list is the Crassula, also called the money tree. The name of the plant is self-explanatory, so it's not hard to guess that it should be planted by those who would like to improve their financial situation.

The money tree should be brought home and transplanted quickly. It will not be superfluous to voice your desires in the process. The goals should be well formulated. Do the same when watering a fat woman.

A life-saving plant that literally absorbs negativity at home is a Ficus. Its advantage is simple care. Ficus has a positive effect on family relationships and is also good for guests. Ficus is also called a plant of loyalty and prosperity.

Another "lucky" plant is the Cactus, despite the fact that it is often written on the Internet that it is not beneficial.

It is better to have one or two cacti. Its thorns accumulate negativity and can therefore fall off. At such moments, you should understand that you need to become softer in your words and actions.

To keep the cactus working for you, take it out into the fresh air more often.

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