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Dzyuba became an object of ridicule

Former Ukrainian footballer Oleksandr Aliyev has commented on an interview with Lokomotiv Moscow forward Artem Dzyuba, in which he admires Putin. Aliyev called the Russian footballer "Dzyubodroch" and wished him to experience all the "delights" of missile attacks.

"I wish that all those missiles that will be flying at Moscow... So that you don't even have time to hide with your Putin. I want you both to feel what war is like," the former Ukraine international said in a video posted on his Instagram.

Aliyev offered Dzyuba to go to the frontline in Ukraine.

"Say: 'I want to fight in the f*cking Russian army'. And come here, you won't stay here long. You will be killed," Oleksandr added.


Aliyev also left a message for Lokomotiv fans.

"I know that many fans of this club are subscribed to me. I want you to know what kind of bastard plays for your club. He doesn't deserve it. Good luck, Dzubadroch," the Ukrainian concluded.

Earlier, Aliyev said that during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, he would try to kill him.


Prior to that, Sasha admitted that he had received many threats from Russians after he enlisted in the territorial defence of Kyiv to protect the country from the Russian invaders.

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