A severe cold snap with snow and squalls is coming to Ukraine: a forecaster told when the weather will deteriorate

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Ukraine will face snowfalls and rain after March 28

Weather forecaster Stanislav Shchedrin said that a significant cold snap is coming to Ukraine. Starting Tuesday, March 28, rains and even heavy snowfall are possible in most regions.

The forecaster wrote about this on his Facebook page. According to him, such weather can last for almost a week - until April 3.

According to Shchedrin's forecast, the bad weather can only affect the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. At the same time, in other regions, snow cover will increase to 14-17 cm in some places. On March 28, we should expect heavy rains with thunderstorms and squalls.

In addition, as the forecaster noted, it will be windy in most regions. According to Shchedrin, this weather will be caused by active cyclones from the west.


"From March 28 to April 3, a significant cold snap is expected throughout Ukraine. Everywhere, except for the southern and eastern regions, there will be rains with heavy snow, in some places the snow cover will increase to 14-17 cm," the report says.


According to the Ventusky meteorological website, snowfall should be expected throughout Ukraine on March 28 and 31, except for the east and south. On March 28, it will be snowiest in Lviv and Rivne regions. Precipitation is also expected in Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Zhytomyr regions. The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, will also be affected by the snow.

For the next two days, the weather will be more or less dry, and on March 31, snow will return to Ukraine.

According to the Gismeteo website, night frosts are expected in a number of regions starting March 28. In particular, in the center and west of Ukraine, it is expected to be down to -3 degrees, while during the day it will be +3...+6. Light snow is also expected.


Weather forecaster Natalia Didenko also reported that on March 28-29, starting from the western regions of Ukraine, the air temperature will drop significantly, first to +4+9 degrees, and then to zero and even slight frosts.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, in April 2023, our country is expected to experience variable weather with temperature fluctuations. The second month of spring will be gloomier than March.

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