A secret sleep-improving feature discovered in iPhone: how to turn it on

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White noise will help you fall asleep

iPhone contains many interesting features, and recently it became known that one of them can even improve sleep. Not many people know about the secret option on the smartphone.

By turning on white noise, you can improve your sleep with the help of pleasant soothing sounds. The Daily Mail gave the details.

What is white noise

Experts believe that white noise helps you fall asleep. It can even out the difference between ambient noise and any obstacles that can stimulate the brain. We are talking about external stimuli, such as the movement of traffic or the barking of a dog.

The range of frequencies a person can hear is 20 to 20,000 hertz. White noise refers to sound that contains all frequencies that are equally audible to the human ear. This is why the range is called "white" noise, that is, light that becomes white when all frequencies of light fall into the same beam.

There are also other "colored" noises that help to tune out relaxation and sleep. Experts believe that "brown" and "pink" noises are effective for relaxation. The principle of work is identical - pleasant sounds mask external stimuli, helping to relax or concentrate.



How to turn on white noise

There are 6 relaxing white noise sounds. You can download them to your iPhone and listen to them all night long.

Go to "Settings" then "Special Features", and select "Audio/Video".

Tap on "Background Sounds" and turn on white noise using the switch at the top.

The screen will display the available modes:

- Balanced Noise;

- bright noise;

- dark noise;

- ocean;

- rain;

- stream.

By selecting "balanced noise" you will hear classic static "white" sounds. The "bright noise" will have a higher sound frequency, and the "dark" will have a lower sound frequency.

"Ocean" is the noise of waves crashing on the shore, "Rain" is the clatter of raindrops, and "Stream" is the leisurely flow of water.

You can also set the noise to continue during multimedia playback or when your phone is locked. Go to the "Special Features" menu and tap the "Special Features shortcut" and then tap "Background Sounds" to activate a quick white noise activation.

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