A pleasant habit has been named that helps you fall asleep quickly

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Good sleep boosts immunity

A strong and tender hug with a loved one will help you fall asleep as quickly as possible. This property of a pleasant habit was explained by the increased production of the "hormone of happiness".

According to Express, citing sleep experts MattressNextDay and Dr. Deborah Lee, sleep is an important bodily function that allows the body and mind to recharge and heal. However, many people suffer from insomnia, making their nights unbearable and their mornings painful and joyless.

According to the article, up to 16 million British adults suffer from insomnia, and 23 percent manage to sleep no more than five hours a night.

"If you feel like you've tried all the ways you know to fall asleep, make yourself comfortable and snuggle up with your partner," the experts advised.

Hugs help you fall asleep

They explained that hugs improve mood and reduce anxiety. Hugging also releases the "happy hormone" serotonin.

"It is known to play an important role in the sleep/wake cycle, regulating the stages and depth of sleep. Low serotonin levels can contradict this pattern and lead to poor sleep," the experts explained.

According to them, during the day, the human body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which directly affects sleep.

"To break this vicious cycle, cuddle with your loved one," they recommended.

The expert noted: "Nerve impulses during a hug pass through the skin and peripheral nerves to travel up the spine to the brain, where they stimulate the release of oxytocin (the 'hug hormone'), as well as serotonin and dopamine (the 'happy hormones'). As a result, the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases. This means that you are more likely to sleep better and therefore be better prepared to deal with stress the next day."

She also noted that hugging helps to lower blood pressure, which reduces the chances of insomnia, and pain levels, and boosts the immune system.

"When your immune system is in great shape, it's easier to fight off coughs, colds, and other illnesses," Lee said.

She shared: "In one study in 2019, 80 couples were randomly assigned to one of three groups: a hugging group where the couple hugged more often, a group where the couple spent more time together, and a control group where nothing changed. After four weeks, the hugging group showed the greatest increase in relationship satisfaction and quality of life."

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