A photo of a famous heart surgeon was used for fake advertising

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A photo of a famous heart surgeon was used for fake advertising

Beware of scammers!

The Internet is probably the most attractive space for the sale of goods and services, which is actively used by fraudsters. "Everything is for sale, and every product has its own buyer", say those who have been in the sales business for a long time. Brightly colored pages for questionable products or services using false comments and photos of public figures is a favorite method of scammers.

One of the most reputable cardiac surgeons in Ukraine and Europe, the chief cardiac surgeon of the clinic "Dobrobut" Oleksandr Babliak faced a scam of swindlers who used photos and allegedly recommendations of a doctor, selling the so-called drug for the cardiovascular system "Sertsevyn" on the Internet.

"Sertsevyn" is a drug with unforeseen effects

The doctor is outraged by the fraudulent schemes of the supplier and the composition of the drug. We investigated and found that the official supplier of the product company Zaminikan.Co.Ua sells hundreds of other similar drugs in the network. It is unknown how the law, the police and other controlling authorities regulate the actions of such dubious entrepreneurs.

Dr. Babliak accidentally learned from his patients that he, as an experienced cardiac surgeon, allegedly recommends the drug "Sertsevyn" to support the cardiovascular system. The doctor posted a video message on the social network Facebook, warning patients not to be exposed to the dubious advertising of swindlers. He stressed that he was not involved in the advertising of the drug and commented on whether such a product could be safe for health.

"The drug 'Sertsevyn' does not apply to medicines at all. It is written in the instructions. The result is individual for each patient. Really, I do not understand what the treatment has to do with it if it is not a drug? But it is written in such small print that not everyone will see."

The drug contains hawthorn, which lowers blood pressure, yarrow, a choleretic and antislacking agent, and horsetail, an active diuretic," Mr. Babliak notes. The doctor is sure that it is impossible to assume how such a composition of the product can affect the body, so he advises not to spend money on it.

"I want to point this out! After all, 300 UAH you give for 2 blister packs. Thus, for a month you spend from 500 to 1000 UAH on this drug. And it is unknown how it will affect you. But it will surely affect your budget!", the doctor warns Ukrainians.

It should be noted that the manufacturer and the official supplier indicates the following actions of the drug "Sertsevyn":

  • promotes the regulation of the heart rhythm;
  • helps maintain the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • promotes stabilization of blood pressure.

Given the composition of the product and the professionalism of the cardiac surgeon, there are many questions about the truthfulness of the description of the drug and its safety. Mr. Babliak is outraged that fraudsters are illegally using his authoritative opinion as an expert, spreading illegal advertising and misleading people.

Internet commerce: what does the law say?

With modern technology and new opportunities, the popularity of online commerce is growing every day, but the legal framework of online sales raises many questions. In particular, in Ukraine they are regulated by the documents of a general nature and the uniform law "On electronic commerce". Legislation prohibits to sell medicine, alcoholic drinks and tobacco products in online stores.

Both legal entities and individuals can be engaged in e-commerce. At the same time the law says that the seller of goods and services shall disclose the following information:

  • full name of the legal entity or the surname, first name, patronymic of the individual, entrepreneur;
  • location, full address;
  • e-mail/address of the online store;
  • information about the license.

Zaminikan.Co.ua is the official supplier of the drug "Sertsevyn". The site is designed as an online store, in which the company sells a number of other drugs "for the prevention and maintenance of health". The supplier gives the address and several contact numbers: 4/16 Rohozivska St., Kyiv, +38 (066) 639-39-17; +38 (096) 916-16-81.

In particular, in all product descriptions it is noted that the product "is not a medical product or dietary supplement, it is a natural product for external or internal use".

Further the supplier notes, "The product is designed for preventive and home treatment, and the 100% natural composition makes it possible to purchase this product without a doctor's prescription."

There are only questions instead of conclusion

Can a product that is not a medicine cure? It is the same rhetorical question Mr. Babliak asks his patients.

How has the company Zaminikan.Co.Ua used the name of a famous cardiac surgeon for illegal advertising and promotion of the drug? How does it comply with the laws of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and "E-commerce"? The doctor, as well as thousands of Ukrainians who have spent a lot of money on the supplier's drugs, hope to get answers to these questions.

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