A must-have for every home: one of the most useful houseplants named

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Chlorophytum is a real superhero among indoor plants.

Potted plants are beneficial just by their appearance. Psychologists say that contemplation of greenery calms and helps to relieve stress. But some species are able to bring additional benefits.

Especially experts recommend to keep in the house chlorophytum crested, also known as the plant spider. OBOZ.UA tells for what qualities it is called the most useful room plant among all known.

One of the main advantages that makes chlorophytum so popular is the ease of care. The plant has thick roots, in which it stores a lot of water and nutrients, so it easily tolerates missed watering. So even a beginner can cope with chlorophytum, getting with minimal effort a lush bush that can even bloom, if you observe all the conditions of the plant.

What can chlorophytum

Spider plant is considered a real superhero among home flowers, because it can absorb harmful substances from the air - carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone vapor and benzene. At the same time, according to some data, the plant per day kills up to 80% of pathogens that are in close proximity to it. All thanks to the fact that chlorophytum releases into the air phytoncides - substances that inhibit the growth and development of microbes and microscopic fungi.

A pot with chlorophytum can be safely put in a child's room. With all its useful qualities, the plant is quite safe for children and pets. They will not feel any consequences, even if they chew and swallow part of the leaf.

How to care for the plant

As we have already said, caring for chlorophytum is very simple. He grows well both in full light and in the penumbra. The difference will only be in the coloring of the leaves. A vase that receives more light will have a brighter color and more contrasting stripes.

At the same time, the flower is completely unpretentious to air humidity. Although it responds well to regular spraying. You should also keep it away from heating devices - streams of hot air can cause drying of the leaves of the plant.

The optimal temperature for chlorophytum is a range of 15-18 degrees Celsius. However, it well tolerates both heat and cooling to +8 degrees Celsius.

The soil for the plant can be chosen universal - in such a mixture chlorophytum will feel great. It is better to choose a pot high enough, because the plant has deep roots. Water the flower about once a week. But if you miss one or two watering, nothing will happen to it.

Earlier OBOZ.UA told what room plants are most effective in the fight against stress and thanks to what.

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