A method for the lazy: what to clean in the apartment when there is no desire at all

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The dirty room

Regular cleaning is the key to a clean and tidy apartment. However, sometimes there is no time or desire to clean surfaces, wash dishes, and remove stains.

Expert and writer KC Davis advises following the five-step rule. NPR told us more about it.

In a recent interview with Life Kit, Davis shared an interesting cleaning method. Simple tips will help quickly clear the room of garbage and clutter. "You don't exist to serve your space. Your space exists to serve you. The only thing that matters is whether you feel happy in your home and whether you feel comfortable living in it," Davis said about her philosophy.

Step 1

The expert recommends starting with garbage collection. Just take a bag and go through all the rooms in your home, collecting the trash.

Step 2

Now move on to washing the dishes. You can use store-bought detergents or try some household life hacks. Lemon juice and white vinegar are ideal for removing dirt. Baking soda will effectively wash away all kinds of dirt on dishes and work surfaces in the kitchen. It can also be used to remove unpleasant odors from the refrigerator.

Step 3

Gather your things if they are scattered around the room. Throw the dirty ones in the laundry basket, and if possible, allocate a separate box in the closet for used but still clean items. Delicate items are best washed by hand to prevent damage to fabrics and stretching of fibers. For most items, any standard liquid or powder detergent will do. For delicate fabrics, you may need a milder, more gentle option. When using a washing machine, it is worth choosing the eco mode - it consumes the least amount of energy and water, allowing you to save significantly every month. In addition, the currently popular bio powders contain special enzymes that lose their effect at temperatures above 30 °C.

Step 4

Put things back where they belong: books on the shelves, shoes in the closet, construction sets and toys in special boxes, towels in the bathroom, etc.

Step 5

Over time, small things accumulate in the house and need to be organized. Davis suggests collecting all the things that have no place and putting them in a separate basket.

The five-step method also includes "deferred" or cosmetic cleaning. Put dirty clothes in the washing machine, dishes in the sink, garbage in a bag, small items in a basket, and then, when you have the time and desire, finish cleaning.

By the way, experts also recommend a cleaning method codenamed 20/10. It's not suitable for emergencies when you need to clean up the house in a short time, but it will come in handy if you have a long weekend to devote to cleaning. Read more about the method in the article.

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