A 30-year-old woman loses 60 kg and becomes a bodybuilder: what she looks like now

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With the help of discipline, the woman not only lost weight but also changed her whole life for the better

We all bring something back from our travels as a memento. From her trip to London a few years ago, British Hannah Schofield brought back a clear realization that her weight was out of control and a strong desire to lose weight. So much so that she embarked on a transformation journey and soon turned into a real champion bodybuilder.

Hannah's story was told by the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, at the beginning of her journey, she weighed 116 kilograms but managed to lose half of that weight and significantly improved her life.

A trip to London in 2018 changed everything. At the time, she noticed that she was taking up more than one seat on the subway. She also found it difficult to walk around the city. "My knees hurt from the weight after a long walk, and I couldn't walk at a decent pace without breaking out in sweat and getting out of breath," Hannah said. In addition, for the first time in her life, she had to buy pants of a size 20 for the party. "It was the last straw for me. I never thought I would reach a size 20, and it was enough to make me want to change my life," she said.

She immediately reconsidered her eating habits, which she now considers chaotic and irresponsible. Hannah admits that she used to eat too many sweets, chocolate, and takeout food.

A 30-year-old woman loses 60 kg and becomes a bodybuilder: what she looks like now

After a few months of eating healthier and losing some weight, she decided to contact a friend of hers who works as a fitness trainer to start working out. Since then, Hannah has been working out five times a week. She prefers strength exercises and gradually changes her diet to dry out her body or build mass in time.

Since then, the British woman has managed to graduate from university with honors, received a promotion at work, met her love and feels great. Hannah attributes her success to the discipline and responsible approach she began practicing when she started her weight loss journey. Now the woman weighs 57 kilograms and has already won several titles in amateur bodybuilding.

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