6 animals that became heroes of the war in Ukraine. Photo.

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Military personnel get pets
Military personnel get pets

Four-legged friends are also fighting on the battlefield alongside the Ukrainian military. Soldiers keep their pets in dugouts, picking them up from the street. For the defenders of Ukraine, dogs are real brothers in arms, as they are trained to rescue civilians and even find mines.

In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the furry animals are given fashionable call signs - Bayraktar or Javelina. OBOZREVATEL tells about the animals that became heroes of the war.

  • Bayraktar Lemur

A lemur was born in Kyiv Zoo on the seventh day. He was named Bayraktar, in honour of Turkish drones that help Ukrainians destroy enemy equipment. In addition to the lemur, the zoo also welcomed three small goats.

  • Patron Dog

Since the beginning of the war, the Patron Dog, together with sappers, has defused about 90 explosive devices. This was reported on the SES main page. He has his own bulletproof vest with a Ukrainian flag and call sign. Fluffy is two years old. Colleagues from Chernihiv write that he is the soul and mascot of the bomb squad. The dog accompanies the sappers on every mission, and the defenders, in turn, pamper him with treats.

  • Nicholas Cat

Nicholas, a Ukrainian cat, lives next to the military, sleeping with grenades and equipment. Foreign correspondent Ryan Long interviewed him. The journalist assures him that the cat does not understand the snotty snot of Russian cats and cats that are no longer allowed to attend exhibitions and competitions in the West. "I'm just defending my homeland," Nicholas the cat purred to the reporter.

  • Bayraktar Puppy

A police dog training centre in the Kyiv region has a puppy that can predict enemy attacks. The German Shepherd was born at the dog training centre a few months before the start of the war. The puppy has become a mascot for the police. The fluffy little guy senses the approach of the enemy and makes a fuss a few minutes before the explosions. The puppy doesn't stop talking until the battle is over, supporting the military in confronting the aggressor. Bayraktar also rejoices when the defenders win the battle near the city of Irpin.

  • A four-legged fellow

The dog is fighting alongside the military, defending Ukraine. When journalists approached with cameras to interview him about the missiles, the dog wanted to become a TV star too. The soldiers of the 72nd Separate Mechanised Brigade named after the Black Cossacks emphasise that the dog is their true friend.

  • Bayraktar Dog

The National Guard got a dog that stuck with them on the first day of the war. The soldiers accepted him into the team and named him Bayraktar, as he is their main weapon. The military say that the furry dog is the first to point out possible danger and serves around the clock.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL showed photos of the military with cats. The National Guard called the felines "little combat brothers".

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