5 life hacks that will help you not to burn out while working remotely

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Work from home
Work from home

Working from home can be quite a convenient solution if you don't spend all your time in your pajamas, gorging yourself on food. In addition to following a regimen and getting enough sleep, experts have named other tips that will allow you to work from home effectively and avoid burnout.

Elle magazine published a set of "rules" for remote work. The first one was the rejection of pajamas during the working day.

Of course, if you are not planning a video conference, you don't need to wear a strict business suit, do a complicated hairstyle or makeup to sit in front of your computer.

The best solution is to wear comfortable clothes, but not the clothes you slept in. If you wear something special during working hours and then change into your "home" clothes, it will help you separate work from leisure and relax in your free time.

At home, clothes for remote work should be comfortable

The second rule is to keep your usual morning rituals. If you wake up two minutes before the start of the workday, it will still take some time to get yourself in the right frame of mind and perform your duties productively.

Obviously, a person will feel better if they stick to a schedule. In the morning, before starting work, you can do the same things you would do before going to the office: make breakfast and coffee, do some exercise or listen to music, take a shower.

Makeup and other preparations can be replaced with face or body treatments. And if you have enough time, you can take a walk in the fresh air and think better in the morning.

Morning yoga

The third tip is to stay away from the bedroom. If you lack an office environment, it is better to create a special workplace at home. For a small apartment, even a coffee table "repurposed" as a workspace will do.

The authors of the article urge you not to work in bed in any case, so that the brain does not associate bed with stress.

For remote work, it's better to create a special place than to sit in bed all day

The fourth rule is to schedule your tasks. Remote work is a kind of self-discipline test. For many people, drawing up a plan with goals/tasks for specific periods: a day, a week, a month helps with productivity.

And if you record your actions throughout the day (including browsing Instagram or playing with your cat), you can determine what you spend the most time on and what habits you need to get rid of. Playing with your cat, for example, may be a necessary break from the computer.

Tips for effective work at home

The experts defined the fifth rule as"don't forget about yourself." Burnout at work can be triggered by a feeling of unmanageable workload or lack of communication with other team members.

In addition, short bre aks help to be productive. So, it's better to go to the kitchen for lunch than in front of your laptop.

"Listen to the background music that energizes you and cheers you up or, conversely, calms your anxiety. Light your favorite candles or essential oil. Take breaks when you need them... Remember that the more we take care of ourselves, the more productive we become," the publication noted.

How not to burn out while working remotely

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, psychologist Olga Titova, a coach, named the main problem that arises from social networks. You can also find a selection of music that will help you fall asleep faster here.

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