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A bad haircut, inappropriate hair colour or lack of proper care for the strands can completely ruin the impression of a woman. Knowing the tips discussed below, people around you will definitely write off a few years.

OBOZREVATEL will reveal what mistakes with your hair you shouldn't repeat if you're over 40. Over the years, we should reconsider our views not only on the wardrobe, but also on make-up and hairstyle (to see the photos, scroll to the end).

1. Too long loose hair

Long, straight hair, especially with a parting in the middle, will associate a woman with a witch and visually emphasise age-related changes. No wonder the rule says that the older a woman is, the shorter her hair should be. However, experts do not recommend getting extremely short haircuts, let alone dyeing it in unnatural colours.


2. Smoothly combed hair

Combed hair in a ponytail or bun will definitely not rejuvenate you. If you like to wear your hair tied up, make it a habit to tousle the strands with your hands, tie them with a rubber band and let a few curls fall near your face. This slight negligence will create the image of a young girl.


3. Too black hair colour

With age, hair becomes thinner, so black colour will stand out on a fair scalp. Dark shades cast shadows on the face, emphasising wrinkles and bruises under the eyes. Stylists recommend dyeing hair 2-3 shades lighter than natural. Or dilute with light strands around the face and on the crown.


4. Too light hair colour

Black hair is not a good idea after 40, but too light hair is not the best either. Fair-skinned women should not dye their hair white. This will make the skin tone merge with the hair tone, making it look grey and tired. Try a palette in spicy tones, honey or cream.


5. Unkempt dry ends

Over the years, hair loses not only pigment but also its ability to retain moisture. According to experts, the ends should be cut every 6-7 weeks in adulthood. Be sure to make nourishing masks for your curls every week and apply a special serum for split ends.


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