5 best haircuts for curly hair that will make your look sophisticated. Photo.

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Mika Arganaraz is proud of her curly hair

Many curly-haired women believe that if nature has given them curly hair, they are destined to wear the same haircut for the rest of their lives. Girls think that nothing can be done with their unruly hair except straighten it or put it in a bun. But this is not true. The number of hairstyles for curly hair has definitely exceeded 50.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about the most stylish haircuts for beauties who call their hair a curse and a gift at the same time. By the way, you can even make bangs that will add French chic to your look (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

Elongated bob

If you have medium-length hair, this is a great opportunity to make an elongated bob. It will create volume and emphasise the effectiveness of curls. As a rule, this hairstyle looks more harmonious without bangs. Those who are tormented by unruly curls should pay attention to graduation.



Fragile girls with small stature will look great with a haircut called Garçon. It is best suited for those with slightly wavy hair. The stylist will create a rounded shape of your hair, make fillets and bangs.



Girls who have fine curls should try to replicate the shag hairstyle, like the model Mika Arganaraz. This is a slightly sloppy haircut for medium-length wavy hair with bangs that have layers and fillets at the ends. The shag looks great on fine hair because it creates lightness.


Straight cut

Unlike the shag, a straight cut is recommended for ladies with thick hair. If you cut thin curls in this way, the hairstyle will lose volume altogether. On thick hair, this cut looks elegant and stylish. This option will suit you if you are not yet ready to experiment.


French haircut

The highlight of the hairstyle is the "torn" technique, which makes it look light and voluminous. This shape will allow you to adjust the shape of your face - shift the emphasis from a large nose or make a wide face visually smaller. A short haircut that barely reaches the ears will refresh the look, shedding a few years.


We would like to remind you that earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about which hairstyles are ideal for round-faced girls. Selena Gomez demonstrates on herself that these haircuts "work". If you are the owner of wide cheekbones and cute cheeks, read our article.

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