4 mistakes people make when doing laundry: how not to spoil your clothes

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Correctly loaded items ensure gentle washing

No matter how sophisticated your washing machine is, the results of your laundry still depend on how well you use it. Although it's important to choose the right program and the right temperature, that's not all. Almost everyone makes four mistakes when washing clothes in a machine, which ultimately lead to rapid damage to things.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Pay attention to the label

Every item you buy in a store has a detailed cheat sheet on how to properly care for it. Do not neglect it. Even a short cycle at 30 degrees of water is not suitable for all things. Not to mention spinning. What works well with a cotton sweatshirt or towels can completely destroy delicate linens or fine synthetics. And machine drying is not suitable for all things too. Thus, read the labels and group your laundry according to their recommendations.

Check your pockets

A phone forgotten in a pocket before washing sounds terrible. However, this is not all the trouble that awaits you if you do not empty the pockets of all your clothes. Paper napkins will get wet and stick to all your clothes like snow, small objects like coins can simply tear the fabric when squeezed, and printed materials will leave paint marks. Not all of these flaws can be corrected later.

Turn your clothes inside out

It is worth turning out not only jeans and T-shirts with prints before washing but all things in general. This will protect their front side from damage when they rub against each other while rotating in the drum. This way you will also protect decorative items such as rhinestones, embroidery, or sequins from damage.

Straighten clothes before washing

Of course, if you put clothes in the drum that are nicely stacked, it will prevent the machine from washing them properly. But crumpled socks and stuffed sleeves and trouser legs will also make it harder to care for them. So, before washing, straighten each item, fasten all zippers and buttons, and pull out the turned-up sleeves and legs so that they are straight.

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