4 ironclad rules to help your smartphone last longer

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Caring for your smartphone can extend its life

There are just four simple rules that can help your smartphone last much longer and help you make money from it when you're ready to buy a new gadget.

These rules are very simple to follow, although many smartphone users neglect them and treat their phones as a cheap toy rather than a life-saving gadget.

OBOZREVATEL publishes the rules that will help you keep your smartphone in the best condition to make it work as long as possible. These tips will be useful for both iPhone owners and users of Android smartphones.

Buy a quality case

The first step to ensuring the longevity of your smartphone is a high-quality case that protects the gadget in case of drops or accidental bumps. A good case should fit the phone and be able to absorb shocks.

In addition, it is worth buying a protective glass to protect the screen, which often cracks if dropped.

Take care of the battery

The battery of a smartphone is usually the first to fail. To ensure a longer battery life, you shouldn't charge your smartphone frequently. The best option is to let the battery discharge to 1-2% and only then put the phone on charge.

Leaving your smartphone on charge for a long time is also not a good idea. For example, some smartphones are already equipped with smart charging technology, when the smartphone stops receiving voltage from the charger and uses the battery when it reaches 100%, but after the charge drops by even 1%, charging will resume again. This will eventually lead to the battery being depleted.

Completely discharging the battery to zero is also a bad idea, as such discharges negatively affect the battery's life by depleting it. Subsequently, the battery will simply not be able to reach its full capacity, which will affect the battery life of the smartphone.

For high-quality battery operation, you should always use native chargers and avoid using cheap wireless chargers.

Clean your phone

No, we're not talking about the internal memory, which should also be cleaned from time to time, but rather the external cleanliness. In addition to wiping the surface of your smartphone with antibacterial or even regular wipes, you should also remove dust from more inaccessible places. We're talking about ports, microphone and speaker holes.

Over time, they all become clogged with dust and small debris that needs to be cleaned out. Such carelessness can lead to the fact that the headphone or charging ports may simply stop functioning due to dirty contacts.

The best and fastest way to clean is to purchase a can of air pressure cleaner, which will easily "blow" away any debris.

Do not overheat or overcool your smartphone

Smartphones, like any other technology, have temperature limits within which the gadget will feel comfortable.

Excessive heat, as you know, can cause the processor to overheat, which will lead to slowdowns in the gadget's operation. The battery also does not like high temperatures, as it accelerates its wear.

Too low temperatures also have a negative impact on smartphones. Frost can damage the screen and drain the battery faster than usual.

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