3D design, aura nails and velvet: top 10 spring manicure trends that will inspire you. Photo.

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Spring manicure trends

The spring mood is already in the air, and therefore everyone subconsciously wants changes that will help them wake up after a cold and gloomy winter. The easiest place to start is with nails, especially since the nail art trends for spring 2023 promise to surprise with their brightness and bold details.

Of course, the pastel and delicate tones that many people associate with this warm season will continue to be relevant. However, the list of manicure trends has been expanded with some rather extravagant solutions. OBOZREVATEL offers you to get acquainted with the top ten most relevant ideas.

Micro-french manicure


If you are a devoted fan of the classic French manicure, but want at least minimal changes, go for a micro-french. As you might guess, it differs from the usual one by its ultra-thin line on the edge of the nail. Don't forget that a French manicure doesn't have to be white - play with the palette.

Skittles nails


For those who don't know, Skittles are chewy fruit-flavoured sweets in different colours. But the trendy manicure with this name is suitable for those girls who always struggle with choosing the colour of the polish, because its essence is to use different colours on each nail. In this case, you have the opportunity to experiment and choose a wide range of colours or stick to the shades of one colour family. The second option will be more reliable if you are not fully confident in Skittles manicure.



Chinoiserie is a popular style characterised by the use of motifs and stylistic techniques of traditional Chinese art in European architecture, painting, etc. You might have seen chinoiserie wallpaper in your kitchen or your grandmother's living room. And now it is also a trendy nail design for spring 2023. So, get inspired by your grandmother's interior and keep up with the trends. Add gold accents, foil, and crystals to your manicure to make your nails more expressive.

Wildflower bouquets


Spring without flowers? It doesn't seem right. Floral shades have always been a major spring manicure trend. This year, specifically, it's about turning your tips into a lush bouquet of wildflowers with hand-painted leaves, stems, and petals.

Velvety textures


Soft, shiny velvet nails will also be a great success. To create such a manicure, you need to apply a thick jelly top coat over a textured or shiny polish to achieve the effect of crushed velvet.

Aura Nails


Airbrushing is slowly but rapidly returning to nail art. Spring 2023 is a great time for ombre nails. Create an "aura" by turning a dark colour into a light one and vice versa.

Cool swirls


Swirls create completely different vibes depending on the colours you use in your design. For a simple, minimalist look, choose black and white shades or a pastel palette, for example, mix chocolate with lighter browns and milks. But to create a retro style, take a closer look at bright colours.

Chrome nails


A bright metallic shade will definitely be in trend this spring. The peculiarity of the silver shade is that it remains neutral despite its brightness. Therefore, you shouldn't worry that chrome nails are too flashy for you.

Inspired by the noughties


The aesthetics of the noughties, whether butterflies, flames, slogans, or all of the above together, will look more relevant on your nails than ever. Get inspired by the era when you could play freely with fashion, not being afraid to be overly bright and rebellious.

"Clean" manicure


Remember, over the past few years, we've been seeing the trend of "clean" makeup, the idea of which is to make the appearance as natural as possible, as if we hadn't even used cosmetics. Now this trend is recommended for nails as well. Combine a transparent varnish with a metallic matte shade for a glazed donut effect. A similar effect can be achieved with a pastel pink manicure, which looks delicate and beautiful.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that minimalist trends in manicure dominate. Over-the-top nail art is fading into the background, and "calm" classics are taking its place. This includes the so-called "rich girl's nails".

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