3 secrets of Kate Middleton's beauty and youth: what helps the Duchess have radiant and well-groomed skin

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For breakfast, the Duchess enjoys oatmeal and berries.

At 41, Kate Middleton manages to do it all: raise three children, work, play sports and attend social events (gala dinner parties). The Duchess of Cambridge often trains outdoors, runs, skis, and is also fond of rowing, tennis and yoga.

Thus, the athletic and graceful figure, healthy complexion and well-groomed hair of Prince William's wife are not only a genetic lottery, but also the result of hard work on themselves. What other beauty rules help Catherine take care of her youthful appearance? Read the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Rosehip oil

The Duchess has been a fan of rosehip oil for many years. This product contains elements that have regenerative properties: it helps to get rid of various skin defects. Its astringents help to lighten and tighten pores. Rosehip oil penetrates deep into the epidermis and reliably retains moisture inside.


2. Massage and night face masks

Kate Middleton massages her face every morning. This improves the tone, elasticity and colour of the skin, accelerates the flow of lymph and removes puffiness. It is also an effective way to help prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Before going to bed, the Duchess uses a night face mask that effectively cleanses pores, moisturises dehydrated skin, evens out skin tone and removes age spots.


3. Reasonable food consumption

For breakfast, the Duchess enjoys oatmeal and berries. In addition, she prepares a classic green smoothie made from kale, spirulina, spinach and blueberries. For lunch, she chooses organic products and more raw ingredients (one of her favourites is a salad of avocado, onions, cucumbers and feta cheese). Between meals, Kate doesn't indulge in sweets. Instead, she eats raw vegetables, fruit and goji berries.

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