3 charging mistakes that damage your smartphone battery

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Proper charging can extend the life of your battery

Charging your smartphone may seem simple if you don't think about the fact that this procedure determines how long your battery will live. There are widespread habits that you should get rid of. Your smartphone will be grateful for it.

Taking good care of your battery is important because it will ensure that your smartphone lasts as long as possible and continues to perform its functions efficiently, as the battery is one of the most important components of your gadget. Gizchina talks about three habits that can lead to the fact that your smartphone's battery may fail in the future.

Charging in a protective case

This is one of the most common mistakes. We're not talking about thin silicone cases, but rather hard, fashionable cases. The problem with them can be that the charging cable may not connect well to the connector on the phone, which can lead to a broken connector.

In addition, protective cases can prevent the phone from "losing" heat that accumulates during charging. This will cause the battery to overheat and deplete. This means that the battery life can be significantly reduced.

To avoid these problems, simply remove the case whenever you put your phone on charge.

Daily use of fast charging

If your smartphone comes with a 40W or higher fast charger, it's best if you don't use it on a daily basis. If you're willing to take the risk, you won't be surprised to find that the battery condition can deteriorate significantly within the first year of use.

To avoid this scenario, you need an additional, slower charger to use for overnight charging.

A fast, more powerful charger should only be used when you need to recharge as soon as possible.

The reason is that charging with a more powerful device will cause the battery to deplete faster and lose some of its capacity, and as a result, the battery will hold less than before.

Discharging to a level below 5%

Another habit that can be harmful to your smartphone battery is discharging the battery to below 5% before putting it on charge.

In fact, this habit is the worst for the battery, as a drop in charge below 10-15% causes stress to the battery.

Regularly discharging your smartphone below 5% will lead to rapid battery degradation.

Ideally, your goal is to keep your smartphone below 15-20%. You can allow such drawdowns from time to time, but you should not repeat it every day.

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