10 words royal family members can not say due to protocol

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Kate Fox named 10 words royals don't say

The British royal elite does not use many words that seem familiar to their subjects. There is a special protocol that all members of the monarchs' family adhere to without question.

Kate Fox, an anthropologist and author of Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behavior, named 10 words that cannot be heard in Buckingham Palace. For each of them, experts have chosen more sophisticated alternatives, Purewow reports (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).


If one of the royals needs to go to the bathroom, they will never say they are going to the toilet. Instead, they use the word "restroom".


When it comes to an unheard or misunderstood phrase, British monarchs do not apologize for inattention as they consider it a privilege of the middle class, which tries to look more sophisticated. But the royal family is sophisticated by default, so its members ask directly, saying, "What?"

It is customary to use the word ''restroom''


Due to the strained relations between France and Britain, it was decided to replace the word "perfume" with "fragrance".


Royalty does not go for a walk in the patio. They prefer the beautiful word "terrace".

It was decided to replace the word ''perfume'' with ''fragrance''.


Another French word that was not used in Buckingham Palace. Almost all sweet dishes in England were christened simply "pudding". That is, this is the name not only of a traditional pastry dish but also of most sweets.


This word is used in high society only to be ironic at someone's expense. The correct synonym is elegant or intelligent.

Among royal family, pudding is not just a traditional pastry dish.


In ordinary British society, "tea" is often referred to as a traditional dinner, i.e. a late meal. In the royal environment, tea is a hot drink from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

In the royal environment, ''tea'' is a hot drink

Mom and Dad

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, have taught their children and grandchildren to address their parents as "mommy" and "daddy." And even with age, the young dukes do not break the tradition.

Princes Harry and William call the Queen ''mummy''


During numerous royal parties and receptions, guests are served simple "food and drink". Monarchs do not complicate their lives with fancy "refreshments".


You may invited you to sit on the "sofa" but not on the "couch". The word is widely used by the middle class, and its origin is not British at all. Because the compilers of the royal protocol had two reasons to get rid of it.

A royal member can invite you to sit on the ''sofa'', but not on the ''couch''

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