Worst kebab marinades that will ruin any meat: Top 3

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You can't marinate kebab in these marinades

Kebab is a very tasty dish that is cooked in the spring and summer. The most important thing when cooking is not only to choose the right meat, but also to make a good marinade, on which the taste of the dish depends.

Delicious kebab

FoodOboz editorial board shares tips from cooks, which marinades you should avoid when cooking kebab, so that the meat is not tough and not tasty.

1. Vinegar


What you don't need to marinate your kebab in

Vinegar will make the meat very tough and in the process of frying it will be raw inside, but it will burn on top. Therefore, cooks do not recommend using vinegar for shashlik marinades.

2. Too much salt

What is the best way to marinate a kebab to make the meat juicy

When making any marinade for kebab, always add salt, as it will not harm the meat. But, it is the salt that can spoil the dish if you add too much of it. It will make the meat too dry. Culinary experts advise to salt the meat when serving, but not to add it to the marinade itself.

3. Kefir

Kefir kebab marinade

Like vinegar, kefir is not suitable for marinade. Because when it interacts with meat, it interferes with the absorption of protein and iron, and as a result will be completely harmful.

According to culinary experts, it is best to marinate meat in yogurt, sour cream, wine, mineral water, and use onions, herbs, spices!

Marinade with onions.

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